About Us

We are a visionary and innovative process & service business in the Environmental Management and Materials Recycling Industry

The name Aurelius comes from the Roman Emperor, Marcus Aurelius, who was committed to giving as much as possible back to the People and to make a real difference to people, and to serve his people well.

Aurelius Environmental embodies these principles as we initially aspire to revolutionise the Waste Management and Reycling Industry, providing added value wherever possible and investing in the local and wider communities to achieve sustainable development and a strong social and economic ethos in our delivery to market.

We have founded the business on 4 main pillars, or corporate values, which provide the framework in which we operate

Pride in ourselves and our businesses.
Passionate about our people, our customers and our success.
Perfection in everything we do, and the way we do it.
Profiteering for our (communities) collective and sustainable success.

Company Registration: 09126634
VAT Number: GB 211 6756 25
Environmental Permit Number: EPR/FP3435RP
Scrap Metal Dealers License Number: 15/000050/SMDS Expires 19/05/2018
Upper Tier Broker/Carrier Registration: CB/YE5145UY Expires 27/08/2017
Hazardous Waste Producer Number: ONP059 Expires 22/01/2017
Insurance Effective dates: 03/11/2015 to 02/11/16
£10,000,000 Employers Liability provided by: QUAL Policy Number: GL-12045714GO
£10,000,000 Public, products & Environmental Liability provided by: QBE Policy Number: Y047922QBE0114A/13064