Battery Recycling

A Battery recycling revolution is approaching

Aurelius Environmental are leading the way forward in battery recycling.

All types of Batteries are accepted in any quantities and either on a contractual or spot price basis.
Besides offering very competitive rates for your unwanted batteries, Aurelius are developing a radical, green way of recycling batteries in conjunction with Cambridge University.

To find out more about battery recycling services and products, please contact us.

Revolutionary Green Technology at Aurelius

In partnership with Cambridge University, Aurelius are developing a radical new process to recycle lead acid batteries. This process typifies the Aurelius approach – a cleaner, better process that benefits the community, harnesses hazardous waste as a raw material, does not require large inputs of energy and produces cleaner, purer chemical products for re-use.

Less Energy Used

Lower energy use is of course cheaper and kinder to the environment. Our revolutionary process is energy positive, unlike current methods of lead acid recycling which require huge amounts of power.


Our new process deals intelligently with the hazardous chemicals in lead acid batteries to produce enhanced products for re-use in the battery manufacturing industry.

Smaller Scale with Lower Transport costs

Current lead acid battery recycling requires huge plants and massive scale to work cost effectively. This typically means that heavy, toxic scrap batteries must be transported perhaps hundreds of miles to be recycled, with all the costs and environmental impact of waste migration.

The new Aurelius process can be run on a much smaller scale, meaning batteries can be recycled locally, reducing transport costs and bringing jobs to the local communities. This is especially true in developing countries, which typically have no recycling facility. This means it is often too expensive to recycle, and old batteries are left to degrade in the environment or illegally moved on to itinerant processors